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About Dr. Karen Bolten


Where are you?

I am now the full-time veterinarian at the Grand Strand Humane Society!

How did you end up here?

I went in to adopt a cat, and accidentally started working here! Seriously though, I've adopted several cats through GSHS over the past couple of years, and they’ve been in need of a full-time vet. Not only will this position allow me to help a lot of animals in need, but also expand my surgical and anesthesia skills, while also utilizing my MBA. I’m immersed in a lot of continuing education courses right now and will be going down to the Charleston Animal Society for in-person training.

Can you see my animal?

Maybe.... I want to emphasize that I am currently settling into this position and adjusting my schedule as I learn the ropes at the clinic. Offerings may change as I continue to improve my schedule. In general, my services for public animals are limited, but this may change in the future as the shelter builds its new facility with exam rooms and more extensive diagnostic equipment and services. Please see the list below of what is and is not available, and feel free to call or email with any questions!

What services can you offer?

Wellness Services:

  • Routine wellness exams

  • Consultations, including telehealth

  • Vaccines

  • Annual preventatives - heartworm, flea/tick

  • Bloodwork (send-out only for now)

Sick exams (limited, non-emergency):

  • Please contact me to clarify​, as diagnostics are limited for now


  • In-house

  • Written prescriptions

  • Online (soon!)

  • Routine injections:

  • Solensia

  • Adequan

  • Librela (soon!)


  • Spays & neuters

  • Simple mass removals

End of life (pre-scheduled, not emergency)

What can you NOT offer currently?

  • Emergencies

  • X-ray – hopefully will have soon!

  • Ultrasound

  • Blood pressure checks

  • Dentistry – this will be a priority to add this service in the next year

What will you need to refer?

  • Emergencies

  • Sick visits – for now, please contact me to clarify

  • Overnight hospitalization

  • More complex surgeries or medical cases

What if I have an emergency?

I am not available for emergency services at this time. Feel free to contact me, but if it's a dire emergency, please contact Animal Emergency Hospital of the Strand after hours at (843) 445-9797

How will appointments work?

In-person appointments at the Main Facility would operate “curb-side” until the new facility is built. Cats can be brought into the Tanger Outlets (cats only), but note that we do not have a "real" exam room yet. I am still working on setting up our medical facilities, so it's a work in progress for now!  (Please schedule here.)

Is telehealth available?

Yes, but only for progress updates or questions. (Please schedule here.)

Are house calls available?

Only for pre-scheduled end-of-life care.  :(

How do I contact you?

And please follow the Grand Strand Humane Society on social media:

And consider contributing to help shelter animals here!

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